Giant Onyx Block Quarries, Onyx Slabs and Onyx Tiles

Red Onyx Sculpture

The Real Resource For Onyx Stones

The Voyage of Stone
Honey Onyx Application
The Voyage of Stone
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Marketing Manager
Enver Toklu, BS, MBA
When you decide to visit us you can stay at the 4 or 5 star thermal
hotels and take a look at Hierapolis Antique City because it is only a
km far away to the hotels. Before you come please inform Mr. Toklu.

You have choice of several hotels such as
Richmond Thermal Hotel,
Hierapolis Thermal Hotel or  Colossae Thermal Spa Hotel.

If you visit those website you will get more information about hotels. However we
are not affiliated with any of those hotels, and we don't take any responsibility with
their practices and policies.
Manufacturing Manager and Company Owner
Barbaros Ozcelik
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Red Onyx Block Color Variations
Our new material "PURPLE